Religious Organizations

Approximately 70% of our Religious Organizational clients receive refunds through our services. Some of the clients we work with include Beth Gospel Assembly, St. John’s the Less, and Missionary Church of Christ.

Managing your religious organization’s money can be tricky - but it doesn't have to be.  Whether you have a staff dedicated accounting team, outside accounting team, a reluctant member of your staff working part time , or a volunteer working your budget - there are ways to help you effectively manage your finances.  Here are 7 must-know budgeting tips to consider:


Our utility bill review service will secure your refund with only minimal time needed from you and your staff. Many of our clients also will also see their future bills lowered. If we can’t help - there is no cost to you.

All that you need to provide is a copy of 1 past bill from each electric and gas account your company has and sign a 1-page agreement. The agreement allows us to contact your utility suppliers for the past 4 years of bills in order to conduct the review for your refund opportunities.

We only get paid after your refund is received.

Minimal time + no risk + chance of refund…


Feel free to view the testimonial letters and agreement to the left. We look forward to hearing from you and securing your refund.