Electric and Gas

NASC’s utility bill auditing service identifies and resolves invoice errors by verifying your invoice charges against our proprietary utility recalculation software. This process reveals billing errors for over 75% of our clients. Even a small billing error can lead to refunds into the thousands of dollars.

Our clients often assume their Accounts Payable Department reviews Utility Bills for inaccuracies. This often means they are reviewing for changes from bill to bill; however, accounts payable personnel are not qualified, nor are they familiar with, the utility company schedule of rates, tariffs, codes, taxes, surcharges, etc. that are associated with the complex utility company billing structure.  NASC has an entire team of highly trained professionals with years of experience who specialize in utility bill auditing and cost reduction.

By maintaining close working relationships with utilities, municipalities and governmental agencies, our staff of highly skilled auditing and energy professionals routinely learn about rate changes before they are officially announced and implemented. NASC shares these insights with our clients and prepare them for any correlated implications or opportunities.

Benefits of a NASC Audit

  • Your company receives a refund

  • Reduction on future utility bills

  • Peace of mind knowing that your bills are correct

  • Contingency fee based, No upfront costs

  • Minimal time need from you and your staff