Energy Procurement

The electric and gas industry continues to undergo change. States with Energy Deregulation provides consumers with a choice of alternate suppliers. With the ability to choose your supplier, new opportunities arise for lower utility pricing.

At no cost to you - we can help you secure the lowest pricing possible. And always keep you up to date with the lowest prices through our network of ESCO companies.

Utilities use two factors to fill their library of rate structures - demand and usage. Many organizations find it challenging to choose among the various rate options that a utility company has available for electric and gas service that best fit their energy profile.  Every business is unique when it comes to their energy consumption and our audits are based accordingly. By evaluating which supplier best meets your needs, we allow your company to save significantly on its energy costs.

Companies must be very careful in analyzing offers being made to them by the various retail suppliers and marketers.  In certain cases we have found clients actually paying more with an alternate supplier compared to what they would have paid had they remained with their local distribution company. Of course, that is before we fix their problem and put them on the right track for lowered energy costs.

National Auditing Services & Consulting has devoted an entire team of auditors to this expanding market so as to better assist our clients.  Our deregulation team is constantly in the market reviewing the pricing options available by retail suppliers.

By reviewing supplier pricing, tariffs, contract terms, and billing format, we are able to assist our clients in making a decision so that actual savings will materialize, instead of just promises of lower costs.

We accomplish this by understanding the energy commodities markets and by having developed a working relationship with the suppliers that actually provide lower costs.

We work closely with our clients to understand their energy needs so that a proper supplier is chosen that best meets their needs, but we are very considerate of clients time and involvement.

Before making our presentation to our clients we will have already requested competitive bids, reviewed contract terms, analyzed tariffs, and performed a load profile analysis.

We  remain in contact with our clients and periodically request copies of supplier invoices to make sure that proper pricing continues accordingly.