Securing Your Entitled Utility Refunds 

National Auditing Services and Consulting - NASC - is a cost recovery service company, focusing on utility bill auditing and recovery. Our main focus is reviewing your past utility bills that have already been paid for refund opportunities - and to fight for your entitled money.

Over 75% of our clients receive refunds through our review services - many of which also reap the benefit of having future bills lowered. With over 30 years of securing refunds for our clients - we know utility billing structure and regulations like no other. Our years of experience maximizes your refund. We are the only cost recovery company with an A+ rating with the BBB.

Carmine Nuzzi is the President of National Auditing Services – and has secured our client’s refunds since 1987.  Mr. Nuzzi’s background before starting National Auditing Services was in the accounting and auditing field and holds a BS for accounting and auditing as well.  Mr. Nuzzi’s enthusiasm for securing utility refunds over the past 30+ years has catapulted National Auditing Services to the Country’s premier firm in utility bill auditing and consulting.  National Auditing has assisted thousands of clients that have received Millions of Dollars in Refunds.